Estate Planning

For all of us, we have worked hard to build our assets, whether it is financial, property, or business. However, if not properly structured, your assets can be vulnerable to litigation and probate. The Law Offices of Paul J. Song can assist you with the necessary steps to keep your personal assets safe. Our intention is to help clients that are seeking a customized approach and client focused approach in estate planning. Don’t leave your future, personal or business, to chance.

Our attorney created comprehensive estate plan packages include the following:

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Certification of Trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney (two for married couples)
  • Pour-Over Will (two for married couples)
  • Health care Power of Attorney and Living Will or Advance Health Care Directive, depending on the state (two for married couples)
  • HIPAA Authorization (two for married couples)
  • Assignment of Personal Property to Your Trust (two for married couples)
  • Personal Property Memorandum (two for married couples)
  • Synopsis of Your Revocable Living Trust
  • Instructions for Your Successor Trustee
  • Funding Instructions

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